Compare Our PolyTek Shutters to Wood & Vinyl

Wood & vinyl are materials commonly used by other shutter manufacturers – but are they as good as our Poly-Tek shutter? Find out below with our handy shutter comparison chart.

PolyTek Shutters Wood Shutters Vinyl Shutters
Resists Moisture
UV Resistant
Resists Warping
Resists Colour Fade
Resists Cracking
Termite Resistant
Fire Resistant
Solid Component
Quality Appearance
Involuntary Tension Control
Environmentally Friendly
Easy Maintenance
Overall Rating 5 star rating 2 star rating 3 star rating

While vinyl and wooden shutters will look nice initially, they are likely to suffer the effects of moisture, humidity and sunlight after a few years. If you’re looking for the best shutters for your home, then our Poly-Tek California shutters should be your choice.

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